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Trumpet vine is a beautiful flowering vine that can quickly outgrow it’s surroundings. Gardeners beware!!

Pacocha - Trumpet vine over taking a screened in roomIt’s hard to believe that such a beautiful plant as trumpet vine can appear so non-threatening when first planted, but quickly become a nightmare in your landscape if you are not prepared.Trumpet vine utility pole If left unchecked, trumpet vine will attach to and overtake almost any nearby desirable plant or surface (both horizontally and vertically) within it’s reach.  If you are looking for a plant to cling to and conceal an unsightly structure, pole, fence, etc. on your property, than trumpet vine is the plant of choice.

Trumpet vine over taking a deck Just be careful not to plant trumpet vine too close to your house, deck, garage, power poles, desirable bushes, etc. or you will need to invest many hours pruning or even removing this amazing vine.

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