Tri-Color Beech …… what a unique tree!!

Pacocha - Tri Color Beech TreeIf I have to name one tree as my favorite, it has to be a European Tri-Color Beech.

Pacocha - Tri Color Beech Tree LeavesThey are such beautiful trees with their colorful variegated leaves (sometimes pink-white-purple-green or rose colored) which make it a complete stand-out in the landscape.  They like part shade and do not fare well in full sun exposed areas.  Try to avoid mid-day sun (in particular) when deciding where to plant.  Due to their somewhat shallow root system, slightly moist well drained soil becomes critical to their long term survival.  They are slow growing trees, but try to give them adequate space to grow and spread out a bit (Max 30′ height – Max 20′ spread).  Pacocha - Tri Color Beech Trees at NurseryBe sure to purchase from a reputable nursery for the best quality plant possible.

If you can find just the right spot in your landscape, I highly recommend planting a European Tri-Color Beech tree!Pacocha - Tri Color Beech Tree Leaf Close Up

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