Transplanted young EVERGREEN trees………………… The gifts that keep on giving!!

Pacocha - Northern WisconsinJust a few weeks ago I was very fortunate to not only experience a beautiful part of northern Wisconsin for the very first time, but was also blessed by being able to bring a piece of the tranquil northwoods home with me.Pacocha - Northern Wisconsin 5

Pacocha - Northern Wisconsin Yound SpruceA long time friend not only allowed my cousin and I to stay at his wonderful Wisconsin property for a few days, but also very graciously allowed us to harvest/transplant a few young evergreen trees (spruce, fir and pine) that happen to grow wildly on his property for our own yards back home.

Wow, what a very special gift!

Pacocha - Northern Wisconsin Transplanted Spruce TreeEvery day I lookPacocha - Northern Wisconsin Transplanted Fir at these fantastic small evergreen trees I can’t help but think of the great time we had and the overwhelming generosity of my friend and his family.

Thank you once again Rob for the wonderful evergreen gifts you have shared with my family……. we greatly appreciate it!!


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