Yellow Nutsedge: The problem “grass like” weed that will not leave your lawn without a fight!

If there is one persistent type of unwanted vegetation that is very difficult to control in most lawns it has to be the “grass like” weed named yellow nutsedgePacocha - Yellow Nutsedge 1 (aka yellow nutgrass).  This weed makes itself visible from mid to late summer and tends to love sun exposed wet soil lawn areas.  Yellow nutsedge is a warm season perennial plant that grows from underground tubers (nutlets) and spreads via underground horizontal creeping stems called rhizomes.  These underground tubers can easily survive many years in the upper foot of soil if negative site conditions are left unchanged.  Pacocha - Nutsedge DiagramEven though yellow nutsedge plants resembles turfgrass from afar, a closer look reveals the truth about this stubborn “grass like” weed.  The leaves of the nut sedge plant are stiffer and thicker than most grasses, are V-shaped (cross section) and grow in sets of three from the base.  Yellow nutsedge can be controlled non-chemically and chemically.  The easiest way to eradicate small colonies of yellow nutsedge is to maintain a thick lawn and simply pull the nutsedge plant out of the ground as soon as you see it.  Special care should be taken to also remove the underground tubers/nutlets (if possible) for best long term control.  Another common non-chemical way to eradicate yellow nutsedge is to improve the drainage of the effected turf grass area.  Since yellow nutsedge loves wet moist soil, a simple drainage improvement or reduction in irrigation can eliminate this particular weeds ability to flourish.  The final way to control yellow nut sedge is chemically.  Pacocha - Yellow Nutsedge 3It is very common to require multiple herbicide applications over many growing seasons to achieve desirable results.  Please contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. to evaluate the overall condition of your lawn and to discuss the possible need for chemical yellow nutsedge control.  Thank you for your time and we look forward to being of assistance to you!

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3 thoughts on “Yellow Nutsedge: The problem “grass like” weed that will not leave your lawn without a fight!”

  1. I would like permission to use the drawing of yellow nutsedge for an article I am writing for the Yard and Garden news, an enewsletter in Minnesota. Would this be ok? I can send you a link to the article, Many thanks, Mary Meyer

  2. This article is very helpful! Been trying to identify the stuff in my garden area for a while. The photo and description says it all!! Never had a problem til I had a truck-load of soil brought in, then the following year, this stuff started sprouting up all over! At least now I know what to do. BTW – I am in Southern Tennessee so we have hot summers and not so cold winters. This nutsedge is certainly a happy camper!! We WILL be putting an end to the campsite!! Thank you for your site and information!!

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