Which local flying insect loves stagnate water found in catch basins, rain gutters, plant containers, ditches and can spread disease as it feeds on blood?

Culex Pipiens or better known as the Northern House Mosquito!

I think we can all agree that mosquitoes are a nuisance pest that can make any considerable time spent outdoors very problematic.  As the weather warms and as routine rains occur prepare to encounter the dreaded mosquito.  Unlike tiny Midge flies that do not bite, mosquitoes (female Culex Pipiens in particular) can blood feed and spread diseases like West Nile Virus, St. Louis encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis and other diseases.  Pacocha - Northern House MosquitoThey routinely lay eggs in temporary stagnate pools like catch basins, ditches, marshes, clogged rain gutters, planters and even in old water filled tires.  Basically any location where clean or polluted water can accumulate undisturbed for less than 2 weeks is all it takes.  Mosquitoes have 4 life stages; Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult.  Since only the female mosquito blood feeds (sucks blood), it is critical for the female mosquito to acquire the needed protein (via blood) to produce eggs (50-400 eggs at a time).  Please keep in mind that female blood sucking mosquitoes not only feed on humans, but birds and animals as well.  Once mosquito eggs are laid they become larva in only 3 days.  Mosquitoes complete their life cycle (egg-larva-pupa-adult) in 7-10 days.  unexpected-effects-usa-drought-mosquitoEven the most effective mosquito control program cannot completely eliminate mosquitoes.  Mosquito populations can be reduced by eliminating breeding sites (if possible).  Mosquito bites and disease can be prevented through properly maintained window screens, protective clothing and repellents (containing DEET 10-30% most effective).  Mosquitoes are less attracted to white clothes than to dark colored clothes.  wheelbarrel full of waterControlling mosquito larva (primarily by removing stagnate water or by utilizing a larvacide) should be the primary goal of any mosquito management plan.  Control of adult mosquitoes can be accomplished by applying residual barrier treatments to reduce mosquitoes resting in vegetation during the day or by ground applied fogs (adulticiding) at dusk.  Even the best adulticide program will eliminate no more than 30% of the total adult mosquito population.  poolcoverwithwaterA good seasonal larvacide program is needed for best local area mosquito control.



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