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Can you help me get this stuff out of here?!?

Ever wonder where you can go to get rid of a few old tires, construction debris, asphalt shingles or even an old unsalvageable appliance you happened to have laying around your residential property?  We’ll, if you happened to reside in … Continue reading

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Poison Ivy growing on your property? We can help eliminate the problematic vine once and for all!

As summer approaches and we spend greater amounts of time outdoors, be on the lookout for troublesome poison ivy that may be growing on your property. Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. offers effective poison ivy removal solutions for the greater Chicago … Continue reading

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Chicago area underground flood control systems, sewer repairs, emergency utility work and the necessary landscape related repairs that follow!

The damage done to a mature lawn or landscape (in particular) after a major sewer repair, drainage improvements or new flood control system has been installed can be minimal or quite extreme.  Plant material, lawns, irrigation systems, retaining walls, pavement … Continue reading

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